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SSI Try Mermaid

Many have came to ask us many questions ever since our launch of the SSI Mermaid Program.

Here are the answer to some of the most common questions:

Q: What is a Mermaid? An SSI Mermaid?
A: A mermaid is a mythical creature which is a human in fish body. Typically beautiful, friendly, kind and has a good voice. (As portrayed by the popular Disney animation: [The Little Mermaid]
It has been one of the most well sought after creature by many people, especially divers who are always out to look for “美人魚”, the chinese name for mermaids, literally means pretty human fish.

The SSI Mermaid is a world recognised program that trains an individual to become a mermaid. This course started very popular among ladies as this fulfil their dream of becoming a Mermaid.

Q: Is SSI Mermaid the same as SSI Free Diving?
A: On the general overview, they similar as certain movements and training techniques are the same. However, like any free diving program, the SSI Free Diving program is designed based on efficiency and effectiveness. This is because, free divers usually worked towards personal pleasure and challenge.
However, the SSI Mermaid program is designed based on visual, fitness, gracefulness and elegance.

For example, a free diver’s duck dive is suppose to be effective. On the other hand, the mermaid’s duck dive suppose to work on moving the monofin during the dive down so the mermaid tail can elegantly spread out for video and photography effects.

While there are many various “mermaid” programs that have existed long before the SSI Mermaid program.
Most are commercialised program for modelling and events. Which does not promotes personal grooming and conservation values.
Thus, SSI made it a world standardised program for the Mermaid world. Setting mermaiding and professional standards for all.

Q: I got a PADI certificate, can I participate in the Mermaid Program?
A: Yes definitely! Let’s also be clear about the fact that all diving agencies have to follow standards set by ISO or WRSTC (World Recreational Scuba Training Council).
SSI, NAUI, RAID, PSS, NDL, SDI and PADI are Agencies who have to follow the standards in order to be able to issue world recognised dive certifications.

Most importantly, the SSI Mermaid program is the first in the world with a standardise training methods, therefore in time to come, we believe many other agencies will follow suit.

SSI Ocean Mermaid Specialty

Q: What are the different levels of the SSI Mermaid program?
A: These are the few levels of SSI Mermaid Program.
Children’s Program – Mermaid Explorer
Entry Level – Try Mermaid, Mermaid
Specialty – Ocean Mermaid, Mermaid Model

Professional – Mermaid Instructor, Mermaid Instructor Trainer

SSI Mermaid Instructor

Q: What are the prerequisites to become an SSI Mermaid?
A: To become an SSI Mermaid is simple – willing to learn, willing to train and willing to refine.
Whether swimmers or non-swimmers, divers or non-divers. The Mermaid program is designed to be suitable for all.

SSI Mermaid Model

Q: What are the Benefits of becoming an SSI Mermaid?
A: There are many stories created ever since the SSI Mermaid course started.
On the physical part: It is like any fitness program, capable of keeping you physically fit, toning up muscles and building stamina. Many in fact got back in good physical shape after starting the SSI Mermaid Course

On the psychological part: Many Mermaids have expressed about growing self-confident, self awareness and there is even an example of one whom grow out of her post-natal depression through the SSI Mermaid Course.

On the interpersonal part: Because this is a program children as young as 4 years old can start, the family bonding between adults and children have made the Mermaid program must do every weekly for many families.

There are also incidents where the program have been successfully use to discipline and to educate children proper mannerism.

On the education part: The Mermaid program is designed to promote Ocean Conservation. The knowledge and habits building are important steps to helping our Mother Earth.

Q: Who is qualified to teach the SSI Mermaid course?
A: An active status SSI Mermaid Instructor or SSI Mermaid Instructor Trainer who have went through proper methodology and contigency training are qualified to conduct the SSI Mermaid Course.

Q: What gears are needed for the SSI Mermaid course?

A: To start the SSI Mermaid Course, it’s is easy – Just your swim suit, mask and fins will do.
Of course, during the program we will provide you with a mermaid mono fin and a mermaid tail for practice.

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