Fun Dives

Fun DivesPrice (RM)
2 RM 370 per person/day (local)
RM 450 per person/day (international)
3RM 420 per person/day (local)
RM 500 per person/day (international)

Inclusive of:

  • Light meal
  • Refreshment on boat
  • Equipment rental
  • Pick up services (around Miri town area only)


  • RM40 discount will be given if you have your own diving gear (full set)
  • If you need to rent some of our diving gear, there is no discount will be given.
  • If you need to rent one of our diving gear, please refer the price in the table below.

Gear Rental Rates

Dive gearPrice (RM)
BCDRM 30.00
RegulatorRM 30.00
MaskRM 20.00
FinRM 20.00
Dive computerRM 50.00
TorchRM 30.00
WetsuitRM 20.00