SSI Open Water Diver


The SSI Open Water Diver course is the key to the worldwide recognition as a Scuba Diver.

We will teach you to be comfortable underwater and acquire skills the skills you need with the equipments you will use. Generally, the Open Water Diver course consists of three components: Academics, Pool Training and Open Water Sessions.
Notice something we are doing differently from last year – Pool training, which will replace confined water training in shallow waters.

In order to enroll in this course, you have to be fit and must be 10 years old and above. Also, you must be able to swim 200m/snorkel 300m and able to float or tread for 10 minutes without any swimming aids.

Course fee – RM 1,450 per person

Inclusive of:

  • 1 Classroom Theory Lesson & Exam
  • Swimming Pool Training before trip – (maximise fun time on the island!)
  • Digital Course Materials & Online Theory lesson
  • Professional Instructing Fees
  • Digital Certification Fees
  • Scuba Rental GearĀ (BCD, Regulator, Wetsuit, Tanks and Weights, Fins, Mask, Snorkel)
  • 4 Open Water Dives

What you will learn?


Our theory and knowledge includes two components:

  • Online Self Study  
  • Classroom Review & Exam

We established an online training platform so you can study theories at the comfort of your own time. You will understand buoyancy and pressure concepts, equipment usage, hand signals and others through an interactive online system with videos and quizzes.
Thereafter, an instructor will conduct one theory session where additional queries and actual application will be discussed to get you ready for your pool training.

Pool Session

Throughout your pool session, aspects of scuba diving will be imparted to you and you can practice the skills needed before going on your open sea dive. Some aspects you will get to learn on this pool training are equipment assembly, breathing underwater, and buoyancy control.

What you will learn

  • Equipment assembly & familiarization
  • Weight adjustment
  • Mask and regulator skills
  • Buddy checks
  • Entry and exit
  • Proper Ascent & Descent
  • Equalization techniques
  • Buoyancy
  • Hand signals
  • Controlled emergency swimming ascent
  • Surface skills
  • Equipment removal and replacement

What to bring?

Swimwear, Sunscreen, light lunch, water and goggles for your swim test (optional)

Open Water Session

This is the time to showcase what you’ve learnt! You will demonstrate the skills you’ve learnt from your pool training, complete 4 dives with your instructor and GRADUATE as an Open Water Diver!

Course Facts

  • I want to learn how to dive. Where do I start?

To begin your diving adventures, the basic diving course is the Open Water Course. You will soon discover and have a glimpse of how it feels like underwater.

If you have doubts about Scuba, you can also choose to do the Try Scuba Program where you will be taught the basics of scuba diving and experience underwater. It can be easily done in session at a swimming pool. 

  • What is the minimum age to become a diver?

Minimum age is at least 10 years old to take the SSI Junior Open Water diving course. Once the children turn 15 years old, they can upgrade the Open Water certification they received on this course.

  • What does the SSI Open Water Diving License allow me to do?

Once certified, the SSI Open Water Diving License permits you to dive up to 18 metres with a buddy.

  • How long is the course?

The length of each course depends on sea or land travel times. Dive courses are conducted after office hours to be in sync with the schedules of working professionals. The SSI Open Water Diving course consists of 1 theory session (Tuesdays, 7-10pm), 1 pool session (Sundays, 9am-4pm) and a weekend trip (Friday, 6:30pm to Sunday, 9pm).

  • Do I need to buy any equipment for the course?

No, you do not need to purchase equipment for the course.
However, for comfort and hygiene, we recommend our divers to purchase their own snorkelling gears – Set of Mask, Fins and Snorkel. You can also choose to rent them. 
KL Divers offers exclusive bundles for our divers when they purchase their own equipment.

  • Do I need to be a good swimmer to learn how to dive?

As part of the SSI Open Water requirements, students need to be able to swim 200 metres (or snorkel with mask and fins for 300 metres) and do a 10 minute tread/float.
There are not requirements on the methods and styles of swimming. KL Diver Team will provide proper coaching and guiding to assist students to complete the above component.

  • How deep will I be going?

Throughout the course, most of the dives will range from 6-12 metres. Once you are an SSI Open Water Diver, you will be qualified to dive up to 18 metres.

  • How often are Open Water Trips organised?

There are Open Water dive trips every week going to Gem Island, Lang Tengah or Tenggol Island.

  • Does my SSI Open Water Dive card expire?

The SSI Open Water Dive card has no expiration date however we would advise taking a refresher in the pool if you had 6-8 months time off from diving to sharpen your skills underwater and remember safety concepts useful to make your future dives safer and more comfortable. Click here to check our refresher course.